Meet Babbs: Energy Healer and Reiki Master


  • Professional experience: 4 years
  • Zodiac sign: Aires
  • Specialties: intuitive readings, shamanic energy healing, reiki, pet reiki
  • Type of sessions: phone, Zoom
  • Session size: individual
  • Rate: starting at $50
  • Call or Text: 941-275-9074


Shaman Babbs is a highly skilled and respected practitioner in the field of energy healing and reiki. With a rich lineage of spiritual gifts passed down from her paternal grandmother, Shaman Babbs has dedicated her life to helping others through her profound abilities.

Roots and Training

Hailing from a Cuban ancestry, Shaman Babbs’ connection to the spiritual realm runs deep. Her journey began under the guidance of her mother, who nurtured and honed her innate gifts from an early age. Recognizing the need to further develop her abilities, Shaman Babbs sought out additional training and guidance.

Shaman Lizzie’s Spiritual Academy

To elevate her gifts to new heights, Shaman Babbs embarked on a transformative journey at Shaman Lizzie’s Spiritual Academy. Under the tutelage of renowned shamanic practitioner Lizzie, she delved deeper into the ancient wisdom and practices of shamanism.

Transformational Energy Healing

Shaman Babbs’ expertise lies in transformational energy healing. Through her profound connection with the spiritual realm, she taps into the universal life force energy to facilitate healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Her clients have experienced remarkable transformations, finding relief from pain, emotional blockages, and finding their true purpose.

Shaman Babbs’ unwavering dedication, compassionate nature, and exceptional abilities have earned her a reputation as a trusted and sought-after practitioner. With her profound gifts and extensive training, she continues to make a profound impact on the lives of those she serves.

Schedule Your Session Today!

To schedule a life-changing phone session with Shaman Babbs, please call or text the Irish Shaman direct number: 941-275-9074. Please make sure to request Shaman Babbs as your practitioner.