Dear Friends, thank you so much for all these testimonials! I personally read every one and I’m honored to have worked with each of you. I invite all my clients to send in their testimonials at my contact page and my team will put them up as quickly as possible. I can’t wait to read more!

Love and Blessings, Shaman Lizzie

Here are just a few of the clients Shaman Lizzie has worked with sharing their experiences.

My boyfriend and I were having some relationship issues and on the verge of splitting up. We had a couples session with Lizzie and decided to schedule 3 more sessions. Lizzie was incredible and was able to determine the causes of our problems! We have worked together to resolve things and now 6 months later we are planning our wedding. Give Lizzie a try and I’m sure amazing things will happen!” GC – Roanoke, VA

“Lizzie helps me interpret my dreams and visions I keep having. She has also connected with my deceased mother, who passed away of Covid in 2021. She continues to amaze me with the info she tells me during my readings. Lizzie has made me a believer in her psychic medium abilities!” KR – Richmond, VA

“I wouldn’t trust my sessions to anyone else, but Lizzie! She’s also the lowest priced energy healer around and always makes time for me if I request an immediate phone appointment, no matter how busy she is. Thanks for going above and beyond for me.” DG – Fort Smith, AR

“Thanks for an incredible phone sesson! You told me details about my grandmother that no one could possibly know. I”ve already scheduled another session.” HF – Saint Cloud, MN

Lizzie had me laughing and crying at the same time! She was telling me personal details of the relationship between my boyfriend and myself that no one knew about and she did this during phone sessions. My boyfriend died 4 years ago and I wasn’t able to move forward from it until Shaman Lizzie helped me thru it. She is truly a gifted psychic medium and I’m forever grateful!” PY – Fairfax, VA

My cousin referred me to Shaman Lizzie and I couldn’t be more grateful to her! I didn’t have the time to drive to Port Charlotte, so I scheduled a phone session. I was a little skeptical at first, but within minutes after the session began I could sense Lizzie’s prescence in the room with me. I went thru some bad things growing up and I could actually feel the pain leaving my mind and body. I felt refreshed, that”s how I can explain it. That was about 6 months and 8 phone sessions ago!” CW – Arcadia, FL

“I admit I was skeptical that Lizzie could help me. I have seen several therapists trying to move forward after a bad marriage to an abusive and controling man. After just 1 phone session I felt a change come over me and after 2 sessions I felt like a new woman! KS – Fullerton, CA

“Lizzie, the Irish Shaman, has been a wonderful partner in my recovery from years of trauma I experienced as a child. She took the time to get to thoroughly understand my situation and has become a trusted advisor to me.” JM – Punta Gorda, FL

“I met Shaman Lizzie on a day by no coincidence, I really needed her but didnt know it, yet. I was at a point in my life where I was lost, confused and felt defeated. I was actually at this wonderful place in Port Charlotte, FL called Serenity Gardens because I was bringing both my girls there for a spiritual mentorship program they offer. I was sitting on the floor and Shaman Lizzie just KNEW I needed her. She asked me if I wanted to talk and for the next 30 minutes or so I pretty much broke down and spilled my guts out. She lovingly guided me and helped me to see things in a different light. Her kindness, love & empathy are written all over her! There has been many nights that we stayed up talking because she vowed to always be there for me on my journey and has been there every time I needed her. Even when she was in a public restroom one time!! HA HA! Shaman Lizzie is wise beyond this dimension and has a heart of Gold! I love her like she is my mother.” TG – North Port, FL

“Shaman Lizzie helped me thru some childhood trauma that has been affecting me in my adult years. I didn’t think I could ever get past some of the terrible things I experienced, but after a few visits I started putting a little bit of my pain at a time into a different perspective and now I’m on the path to recovery. Thank you for being so caring and loving toward me!” BA – Port Charlotte, FL

“I was initially very skeptical about Shamanism after a friend mentioned she was having sessions with Shaman Lizzie. But, after just 2 of my own sessions, I have felt changed in ways I can’t completely explain. It’s like I feel relieved of years of baggage I was carrying with me and feel like I’m seeing myself, my life, and the world in a new way!” FY – North Port, FL

“I met Shaman Lizzie at the monthly fair at Journey to Wellness at Serenity Gardens and had a mini-session to see if I could benefit from Shamanism. As others have mentioned, I was very skeptical at first. But, within just a few minutes I felt comfortable and relaxed discussing some of my relationship issues with Shaman Lizzie. I scheduled a full 1 hour session immediately and look forward to seeing Lizzie on an ongoing basis.” AG – Englewood, FL