Frequent Questions

You will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions I receive below. If further information is requested, please use my Contact page.

Q. How long has Shaman Lizzie been in practice?

A. Shaman Lizzie has been a practicing Shamanic energy healer and psychic medium for over 30 years.

Q. Does Lizzie offer same day appointments for phone sessions?

A. Yes, Shaman Lizzie makes every effort to provide same day appointments, when possible. Immediate appointments may also be available.

Q. How much is a session with Shaman Lizzie?

A. Shaman Lizzie’s fees are very reasonable and affordable. Rates start at just $50. Read more >>

Q. How do I make an appointment?

A. To make a phone or office appointment, call or text Shaman Lizzie’s office at 941-275-9074. Lizzie’s practice is based in Port Charlotte, FL, but she does psychic medium readings and most other services by phone or Zoom sessions to clients across America. More information about appointment scheduling.

Q. Does Shaman Lizzie accept credit cards for her services?

A. Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. Also accepted are Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and cash. Personal checks are not accepted at this time. More info >>

Q. What can I expect during my session with Shaman Lizzie?

A. Your session with Shaman Lizzie is a unique experience where she combines her psychic medium abilities with shamanic practices to connect with the spiritual realm. She acts as a medium between the physical and spiritual worlds, helping you gain insights, guidance, and healing. More info >>

Q. What services does Shaman Lizzie Offer?

A. She specializes in intuitive energy healing, psychic mediumship and spiritual readings, and advisement. For information on all the Shamanic services offered by Shaman Lizzie, please visit her Fees and Services page.

Q. How can I get a Tarot Card reading?

A. Dawn Marie is our tarot card reader. For an accurate reading please make your appointment with her.

For astrology and numerology immediate and after-hours readings thru her partnership with! And new clients get a special introductory offer. Visit for more details.

Q. What is Shamanism?

A. Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in many cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day. A practitioner of shamanism, called a shaman, serves people by acting as an intermediary to the spirit world. See more about shamanism.

Q. What are the differences between a psychic and a psychic medium?

A. A psychic is an individual who possesses extrasensory perception (ESP), allowing them to tap into information that is not readily available through the five physical senses. On the other hand, a psychic medium is someone who not only has psychic abilities but also possesses the unique ability to communicate with spirits or entities from the spiritual realm. More info >>

Q. What if I have to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

A. There may be occasions when you have to cancel or reschedule a session, I understand. Please kindly give Shaman Lizzie at least 24 hours advance notice by phone or text at 941-275-9074 so that she can offer your time slot to someone else. After too many cancelled sessions, Shaman Lizzie reserves the right to deny the person further appointments.

Q. I’m a Senior Citizen. Do I get a discount?

A. Yes! Shaman Lizzie offers discounts to Senior Citizens for face-to-face appointments at her Port Charlotte, FL office location. The discount is based on need and varies with your unique situation. Please phone or text at 941-275-9074 for more information.