Florida Psychic Medium Shaman Lizzie Names Marcus J. Ray as Business Manager

Ray to Oversee all Business Activities of Shaman Lizzie and the Irish Shaman Brand

News Release

Monday, March 18, 2024, 8:00 ET


Port Charlotte, Florida (USA)- Shaman Lizzie, the renowned Florida psychic medium, spiritual guide and healer, author and teacher, has recently appointed Marcus J. Ray as the business manager for her Irish Shaman brand of companies. With this new role, Marcus will be responsible for managing all aspects of Shaman Lizzie’s business ventures.

In a recent interview, Shaman Lizzie expressed her confidence in Marcus’s abilities and highlighted his extensive experience in the business world. Marcus has a proven track record of success and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Bringing Expertise to Port Charlotte, Florida

Based in the beautiful city of Port Charlotte, Florida, Irish Shaman has been a trusted source of spiritual guidance and healing for many years. With Marcus Ray now on board, the business is poised to reach new heights.

Having worked in various industries and held leadership positions, Marcus understands the intricacies of running a successful business. His expertise will be instrumental in streamlining operations, expanding Shaman Lizzie’s reach, and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Handling Daily Business Operations

One of Marcus Ray’s primary responsibilities as the business manager of Irish Shaman is to oversee the daily operations. From managing finances to coordinating appointments and handling customer inquiries, Marcus will be the go-to person for all business-related matters.

With Marcus at the helm, Shaman Lizzie can focus on what she does best – providing evidential mediumship, spiritual guidance and healing to her clients. Marcus’s attention to detail and organizational skills will ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, allowing Shaman Lizzie to dedicate her energy to helping others.

Furthermore, Marcus will be working closely with Shaman Lizzie to develop and implement strategic plans for business growth. His ability to identify new opportunities, forge partnerships, and adapt to changing market dynamics will be invaluable in expanding Irish Shaman’s presence locally and beyond.

Whether it’s managing marketing campaigns, optimizing business processes, or fostering strong relationships with clients and business partners, Marcus Ray is well-equipped to handle it all. His commitment to excellence and passion for driving results make him the perfect fit for this role.

As Irish Shaman continues to thrive under Marcus Ray’s guidance, clients can expect an even more seamless and enriching experience. The combination of Shaman Lizzie’s spiritual expertise and Marcus’s business acumen will undoubtedly take Irish Shaman to new heights.

In conclusion, Marcus Ray’s appointment as the business manager for Irish Shaman is a testament to Shaman Lizzie’s commitment to delivering exceptional services and growing her business. With Marcus’s expertise and dedication, Irish Shaman is poised for continued success and expansion.

About Shaman Lizzie

A name that resonates with mysticism and ancient wisdom, Shaman Lizzie, also known as Irish Shaman, is a renowned Port Charlotte, Florida intuitive energy healer and psychic medium. With her unique abilities and deep connection with the spiritual realm, she has helped countless individuals find healing and guidance.

From a young age, Shaman Lizzie displayed an exceptional intuition and an innate understanding of energy. Her journey into the world of healing began when she discovered her gift of connecting with the unseen forces that surround us. Through more than 30 years of dedicated practice and study, she has honed her skills to become a trusted and sought-after psychic medium and energy healer.

To schedule your psychic medium reading and energy healing phone session or Port Charlotte, FL office session, please call or text Lizzie’s office at 941-275-9074 for assistance. Lizzie makes every effort to offer same day appointments, when requested.

Media Contact

Marcus Ray
Business Manager
Irish Shaman Healing
Port Charlotte, FL Office
Ph: 941-275-9074
Email: marcus@irishshaman.com
Web: www.irishshaman.com

Source: IrishShaman.com

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