Lizzie’s Business Manager Marcus Ray Provides Insight

Ask Shaman Lizzie

May 15, 2024

Every week Shaman Lizzie publishes a question she has answered from a visitor of To ask Lizzie your questions, please use her Contact form.

Welcome Everyone! I’m Marcus Ray, manager and spokesperson for Shaman Lizzie’s business interests. I handle Lizzie’s day to day business operations and try to help out Lizzie’s Team of tarot readers, psychics, and life coaches to the best of my ability. Many of our readers have even spoken to me by phone or chatted by text as I assist Lizzie’s office in scheduling sessions and group events. My goal is always to provide Lizzie’s clients with the best possible experience, from start to finish. Shaman Lizzie’s clients are always my number one priority!

This week’s Ask Shaman Lizzie format is a little bit different. I plan on giving readers an idea of the type of questions Lizzie receives and then give an overview of Lizzie’s recent move to Mystic Sisters Metaphysical Store in Port Charlotte, FL. So let’s begin:

Terry from Hot Springs, AR is curious about Lizzie’s shamanic practices and asks how Lizzie aids in spiritual guidance. Shaman Lizzie elaborates, “Each session is unique, tailored to the individual’s needs. I use tools like smudging, drumming, and guided journeys to help clients access their subconscious mind. These practices enable them to uncover hidden truths and tap into their innate wisdom.”

When I asked Lizzie about common misconceptions surrounding shamanism, Lizzie addresses, “Many people think shamanism is solely about rituals and mysticism. While these elements are important, shamanism is fundamentally about fostering a deep connection with nature and the spirit world. It’s about understanding that we are all interconnected and that healing oneself contributes to the healing of the collective.”

Shaman Lizzie’s wisdom and compassion shine through in her responses, offering a glimpse into the profound impact of her work. Her journey to becoming a shaman is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s spiritual path, and her guidance continues to inspire and heal those who seek her help.

Shaman Lizzie’s transition to Mystic Sisters in Port Charlotte, FL, marks a significant chapter in her spiritual journey. Moving her practice to this new location, she experienced a blend of excitement and apprehension. Initially, Lizzie was concerned about how her established clientele would react to the change and whether she would be able to maintain the same level of connection and service. However, these concerns were quickly alleviated as she was warmly welcomed by the local community and found that her unique services were in high demand.

Her collaboration with Mystic Sisters’ owner, Jennifer Rader, has been a cornerstone of her successful transition. Jennifer, known for her deep understanding of metaphysical practices and her dedication to fostering a supportive environment, has provided Shaman Lizzie with invaluable support. Their working relationship is characterized by mutual respect and a shared vision of empowering individuals through spiritual guidance and holistic healing. This synergy has not only enhanced the services offered at Mystic Sisters but also created a nurturing space for clients seeking spiritual growth.

The Mystic Sisters metaphysical store itself is a haven for those interested in metaphysical and spiritual pursuits. The atmosphere is serene and inviting, designed to promote a sense of peace and introspection. The store offers a wide array of products, including crystals, tarot cards, incense, candles, and other spiritual tools, catering to both seasoned clients and newcomers alike. Each item is carefully selected to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Beyond its retail offerings, Mystic Sisters serves as a community hub where people can connect, learn, and grow. Workshops, classes, and events are regularly held, providing opportunities for continuous spiritual development. For those eager to meet Shaman Lizzie in person, the store offers an ideal setting. Clients can call or text 941-275-9074 or visit the store to schedule private sessions, participate in group sessions, or simply seek her guidance on their spiritual journey. This direct interaction with Shaman Lizzie enriches the experience, allowing clients to benefit from her profound wisdom and compassionate approach firsthand.

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